Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Purpose

I envision the Earth Browser blog as a place to discuss issues and ideas about software development, earth science, GIS and social implications of all of the above.

I produce a software product called EarthBrowser that I have been developing since 1996 in graduate school. It first went on sale in 1998 as a Macintosh shareware product called Planet Earth. It is, as far as I know, the first commercially available product to display dynamically updated earth data (just clouds).

EarthBrowser now has many competitors, most notably Google Earth (formerly Keyhole), ESRI has just put out ArcGIS Exporer and Microsoft is rumored to be putting out it's own 3D earth product. Each of these products will have major infrastructure support and are being given away for free. Even with these challenges I believe that EarthBrowser will flourish due to it's superior user experience, relevant real-time data, excellent support and focused, dedicated and small (just me) development staff.

Welcome to the Earth Browser blog.


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