Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Project Kraken and EarthBrowser circa 1998

For the past two weeks I've been working on a secret project (codename Kraken); and it will be the perfect compliment to the next version of EarthBrowser. I'll give out some hints and details in the coming weeks about it's potential uses and capabilities. However before I reveal the future, I wanted to share the earliest snapshot of EarthBrowser caught in the wild...

I haven't kept many records from the time, but I looked up my old website from Dec 6, 1998 in the wayback machine. It featured the first version of EarthBrowser which was called Planet Earth at the time. I couldn't get the domain name for that so I changed the name to EarthBrowser at the end of 1999. Anyone who is interested can take a look in the wayback machine here. Unfortunately there are no images saved, they were pretty cheesy anyway. Once Planet Earth started selling, I quit my job and have been working on it full time ever since.

Here's the main text:

Planet Earth 1.0
Have you ever wanted to see the Earth from space? Now you can see what it looks like right on your desktop. Planet Earth displays a realtime 3-dimensional model of the Earth with the current cloud information downloaded directly over the internet. Night and day shadows are updated continuously and you can rotate it to view any spot on the Earth.

  • Cloud information updated every 6 hours.
  • Areas of night and day are updated continuously.
  • Real 3-dimensional model can be rotated to reveal any part of the earth.
  • Zoom in or out
  • Position viewing location over any spot on Earth
  • Rotates freely or stays in fixed position

  • Macintosh with PowerPC processor
  • Internet connection (for clouds)
  • System 7.5 or above
  • 1 MB Disk
  • 4 MB Ram

Mac System 7.5, that's old!! I remember trying to get it to work on the Motorolla 68000 processors but they were just too under powered in floating point...

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