Thursday, May 31, 2007

New version of Blue Marble Next Generation

Just got word from Reto Stockli that there's a new version of BMNG out. It hasn't hit the mirrors yet, but it should be available shortly.

Changes include:

1) Replacement of the standard BMNG Antarctica by use of a colorized version of the high quality MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica by Terry Haran and Ted Scambos (NSIDC)
2) Fix of Southern Hemisphere sea floor topography errors (GEBCO vesion 1.02, and bug in my code)
3) Fix of Arctic 80N-90N land mask inconsistencies between the MOD12Q1 and GEBCO sea floor topography. Remaining 80N-90N inconsistencies are due to the fact that there are no MOD09A1 land surface reflectances in this area and it was painted with permanent snow in BMNG during all months.

I'm excited for the new dataset! It isn't mentioned, but I hope that they fix the hillshading in southern Crete.


Anonymous said...

Really good. But you didn't say anything about EB 3.0.
Do you got any news to tell us about any approximately launch date?
Or any other news that will be coming in the near future?


matt_giger said...

I don't have a date yet, but I hope to have version 3 out somewhere toward the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, good that you answer so quickly,
looking forward to the end of the year then :) i hope.