Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google getting into GPU/multicore programming

No one can say that they are dumb. I've written about GPU programming and it's enormous potential in previous posts. However, the news that Google is purchasing PeakStream is still a little surprising.

Personally I prefer the open source libsh library to any commercial offerings. However I don't know if it is being actively developed any longer since McCool started up RapidMind, the biggest PeakStream competitor. Both RapidMind and PeakStream are very lame company names by the way. Where does this leave NVIDIA'a CUDA?

PeakStream's and RapidMind's technologies are probably more geared toward multi-core processors since that is where the high end bucks are, which is usually where smaller companies aim. However it seems to me that the whole stream processing market will eventually be dominated by the graphics card makers since they comprise the low end and ubiquitous commodity market. Either that or multi-core and graphics chipsets will merge eventually, which is probably the most likely scenario.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt. Looking forward to test Earthbrowser 3.0. But can you tell us any news, any new features that will be included in the new version?
doppler Radar?
Or any new clouds maybe ???
or anything else?

I can tell you what (I) would like to see in the new version.
I would like some new clouds that shows the low clouds better. And faster updated clouds especialy over europe there they just updated every 6 hour at the moment. Including the
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I hope that this request will be included in the new version.

Thank you for a great software exept the clouds though.

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