Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Economist snubs EarthBrowser

Amongst yet another "gee whiz" article about the "geoweb," it is claimed that: 'Keyhole, an American firm, released the first commercial “geobrowser” in 2001.'

I guess it's too much to ask for a magazine to research each claim made in each article, but EarthBrowser, then called Planet Earth, was the first commercial "geobrowser." It predated Keyhole's existence by several years. In fact someone from Keyhole contacted me back then and inquired about purchasing the earthbrowser.com domain name, the EarthBrowser trademark and my customer list. The amount they offered was laughably low considering EarthBrowser had over 2 million downloads and sold over 20,000 copies by then.

On a different note, several months ago I alluded to working on a new project that was a bit of a diversion from the next great OpenGL version of EarthBrowser. Project Kraken is nearing completion now and it has become better than I'd imagined it could be. It's been hard not blabbing all about it on the #worldwind or #planetgeospatial irc rooms to get useful feedback, but I've restrained myself.

Here is some newly declassified information about Project Kraken:
  • It will be released within the next 30 days
  • There will be a free version
  • It is easily customizable
  • It will compete for mindshare with Google Earth


KoS said...

Don't forget, nothing existed before Google came along. :)

I didn't read the article, I would bet they didn't mention worldwind either.


Thomas pedro said...

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