Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do I seem frustrated and bitter?

I was just called out on the tone of my blog posts by someone I've known and respected for a long time. He said that he was a little surprised by my writing after reading my blog for the first time. I seemed bitter and frustrated, perhaps mostly at Google, and that isn't how he knows me. I guess I'm a little bitter, Google pretty much put me out of business years ago by releasing Google Earth for free. Hopefully EarthBrowser 3.0 will attract enough customers to keep my family stocked up on food, diapers and other necessities.

I have taken a confrontational approach to many of my posts, some of this tone is conscious, some isn't. I actually try to be a little controversial and opinionated on the blog because I'm just some joe-schmo and nobody wants to read some random guy's opinions that are mushy and congenial. That's not exciting or even interesting.

Unfortunately when writing in the blog some of my gigantic ego shows through which generally wouldn't happen in a conversation with me. I think that most programmers have really big egos, but mostly about their own coding abilities. In a self-preservation kind of way, I have to think that I'm a good programmer to tackle such a large problem by myself. I think that is just the nature of programming, no confidence = no code.

That said, I'm going to try to tone it down. Sorry libKML guys, hope I haven't offended anyone, I realize that it is just an alpha version.


Bull said...

Your posts have always seemed fair to me, but then again I've had issues with Google myself

Anonymous said...

Well, you got the right to say your opinion,
so i think that you did the right thing.

nodes said...

Nothing wrong with self-censoring (if you feel that it will affect your professional or personal life); most of us do it every day.

That said, if _you_ don't want to do that, then don't. This would be a pretty boring world if there weren't different opinions out there.

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