Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EarthBrowser 3.0

EarthBrowser 3.0

Finally, it's out. Thank you to all of my wonderful supporters!!!

I transferred over the domain name to the development server and within about 20 minutes VersionTracker picked it up and I'm getting sales already.

Steve Wozniak was the 11th person to register version 3. He's been great to me and has bought several site licenses for schools. Maybe someday I'll be able to talk with the guy...

I have to give a tip of my hat to the Papervision 3D guys. They were my initial inspiration for the flash version, and although I wound up writing my own specialized rendering code, they deserve a lot of credit for what they have done! I'll go into details about how I did some things in flash in future posts, it has never been easy or fast to do software rendering. I'll also talk about some of my plans for the future.

Right now I'm sipping on a Paulaner Salvator Dopple Bock and basking in the euphoria of 4.5 years of hard work coming to fruition.


Paul R said...

I see the Adobe Air Installer run, but I never see EarthBrowser as having downloaded or anywhere on my hard drive. Any solutions, Matt?

Bull_[UK] said...

Nice work Matt, I'd love it if you put up a web test page so I can try it on my PDA, although it probably doesn't support the latest flash (WM2005), I'll have to search the internets.

Michael Ashbridge said...

Beautiful work, Matt. _Very_ nice indeed.

Can you talk a little about your KML enhancements? I see ElevationRange and NameOn.

From some brief experimentation it looks like NameOn controls the visibility of the displayed label? This is ordinarily achieved by (IconStyle)(scale)0(/scale)(IconStyle), so I assume NameOn must do something more?

ElevationRange looks to be analogous to a (Region) where the visibility is controlled by the camera eyepoint altitude?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is very very nice Indeed, now i think that you can relax for some days at least :).
Though i got one complainment/request i don't know if it's only me but i think that the satellite clouds is of pretty low quality, that's all.
But you have done an extremely great work with this and i love the hi resolution map very much.
And so far so good.

bbenton said...

I wish I would have started my earth browser way before now. Like when it was actually the 30th. I will still look at it as a great Birthday Gift to me. Matt you have really out done your self with this. Thank you to you and all who work with you on it. Keep up the great work!! Keeps getting better and better.
Brian B

Pat said...

Real nice update! But when you try to buy the update, it sends you to a unsecured web site. It can't be verified by IE or FireFox. Shows red X in the security key. Would like to buy, buy you must fix this problem.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic is a poor word to describe Earthbrowser 3 !!!

matt_giger said...

Thanks guys! Please contact the support email address for if you have problems.

Bull: I'm hoping to have a flash test page up soon, but no eta yet.

Michael: I'll go into detail in a later post, but you are correct that those two "enhancements" duplicate existing, if somewhat hidden, abilities of KML. It's a long story...

pat: I've fixed the problem with a re-direct to the secure site and it shouldn't have that problem any more.

Again, thanks for the kind words and I'll get back to blogging once I whittle down my astounding email backlog.

Jim said...

Mmmm... Paulaner Salvator! I had one last night myself. Cheers!

Great work Matt! Very impressive. So did you develop in Flex/AS3.0?

Any chance of being able to embed EarthBrowser in a Flex app? That would be very cool.

I work for a Geosciences consortium of universities and we are building a Flex app for data visualization. We have been using Google Maps for spatial selection and representation of our data, but the poles on a mercator projection present a problem for drawing bounding boxes or bounding circles.

We have a bunch of Polar data in our data sets.

A 3D map in the browser could help tremendously in this regard.


strobes said...

Matt, I have been using the "old" Earthbrowser since early days and found it most useful for keeping an "overview" in my job as pilot on international routes (also helps with planning what to pack!) It was a wonderful product and I am sorry to see it dropped.
I do NOT like EB3 as I find it slow and overcomplicated .... any option to stay with the old version? Rgds, Dave

Flug Thailand said...

Matt, that´s just marvelous! Did you use as3 or as2?