Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cyclone Nargis and GDACS

I've added a few new datasets to EarthBrowser's "Featured External Layers", which is below the main dataset element in the EarthBrowser control window.

I'm temporarily putting in a high resolution MODIS overlay of Cyclone Nargis from earthobservatory.nasa.gov. It's a really large image so be patient, it takes a little while to download. Due to a bug in Flash for large images scaled to be small, it doesn't look very good far away, but looks better as you zoom in. Hopefully they've got a fix for this in the works.

I've also added the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System kml dataset which is updated with real-time information for ongoing disasters and recovery around the globe. To view the information for each disaster, you have to navigate through the list of elements in the control window, I wish they would put in placemarks to view the great information they have more easily.

Finally, the Europe Media Monitor layer is a news aggregation service that plots global news stories on a map and provides an overview and link to the geo-located story.

I'm also hoping to have an update out later this week with a timezone fix for sunrise/sunsets and also a global grid overlay feature.


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