Wednesday, June 04, 2008

EarthBrowser is Adobe site of the day, Google talk

I don't have the marketing megaphone that a Google has but EarthBrowser is starting to get a little attention in the Flash world. I was just notified today that was selected as the Flash site of the day. There was also a nice article recently on titled EarthBrowser - 3D AIR App in Flash.

Google, via Michael Weiss-Malik, has invited me to come down and deliver a presentation about EarthBrowser, KML and whatever else I want to talk about. I guess it will be something like the Google Tech Talks where they make a YouTube video of the presentation. I've been consolidating things on version 3 for the past month so I haven't set a date yet but I'm pretty sure it will be mid July if that is available for them. Hopefully those guys aren't too miffed about my KML criticisms, or my out of date Google Earth criticisms. Perhaps I should bring a rotten tomato shield.

I've got a little project I'm hoping to unveil at or before the talk, but I'll leave everyone in suspense about what that could be...


Anonymous said...

Many Congratulations Matt.

Not a day too late, that was very nice too hear.
And I hope that the meeting in July will give you some more attention so more people will get their eyes on EarthBrowser.

Also, please tell us in your blog when the video of the meeting will be available to watch on Youtube.
If their will be a video of it, of course.
Good luck anyway!!!

Very interesting stuff :). Cheers, Johan

Taylor Bell said...

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