Monday, June 09, 2008

jskml: Javascript KML Dialect

KML data structures need to be represented in other formats than just XML. With virtual globes moving into the web browser, the need for an alternate representation that does not require parsing to go from XML text into Javascript objects is an important step, in my opinion, in simplifying web based scripting of online mapping.

I have created a simple static website describing the new dialect at:

I used Google App Engine and the Django framework to create this site. I've got another exciting app or two planned for deployment using this platform and this website was a good way for me to orient myself as well as put out a format that I feel should be supported.


Valery Hronusov aka Valery35 said...

My congratulations!
Nice ideas about GeoJSON standard.
Both XML-based and JSON-based is right way.

Gladys Muniz said...

Thanks for sharing your attitude to these apps. I'd love to use both methods and compare them in Darwinessay. It would be very useful.