Monday, July 21, 2008

EarthBrowser presentation at Google

Last Tuesday I gave a 30 minute presentation at Google about the upcoming EarthBrowser Flash plugin. I also presented an enhancement to improve the expressiveness and utility of KML along with a demonstration with orbiting satellites. Many thanks to Michael Weiss-Malik and the great guys at Google for inviting me to talk about whatever I wanted to!

If you have problems with the embedded video you can see it on youtube.

In the presentation I go through some of the features and benefits of the EarthBrowser Flash plugin. Then I talk about giving time it's own coordinate in the geometry primitives in order to reduce KML file size and complexity as well as add new functionality. Toward the end I talk about future enhancements to the EarthBrowser desktop/web platform. I also mention that I'm developing an iPhone version.


Bull said...

Nice, did you ask them about thier 'evil' side ;)

Johan said...

WOW, really really interesting to listed to the your talk,
you did a great job

Thank you.

Brian Flood said...

great stuff Matt. I've always thought the KML time tags were not quite what was needed, placing the time with the geometry seems like a much better option

OrbitCalc - very cool, I like the time based fade on the track linestrings


Pat said...

That was interesting Matt. Lets a person understand how EarthBrowser runs.

Tackat said...

Hi Matt,

Very nice presentation. Concerning your ideas on the time stuff I whole-heartedly agree. For our Free Software virtual globe "Marble" we had a small student project which created an animation of a GPS Satellites model. We also used positions stored as KML and while we don't support any time tags yet I still felt that this part of KML isn't exactly great in terms of bandwidth as well as flexibility.

Being a stargazer I'm of course biased towards the MJD stuff as well ;-)

So I'd be very much interested to implement in Marble in terms of time related KML element extensions what EarthBrowser has come up with already (or ideally the proposed extensions would just go into the official KML standard). That being said we are still a bit behind in terms of dealing with time in KML (and I expect that it will take us a few months or at least weeks to fully implement that part).

Best wishes,

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