Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My iTunes Pirate Album

My alter-ego has been revealed...

I'm the drummer first mate on the pirate rock band HuckleScary Finn captained by my best friend Kevin Hendrickson. I'm afraid that I can't take credit for the huge resurgence in pirate themed activities here in the Portland area, but I'd like to think I got in on the ground floor.

Notable Portland Oregon Pirate links:
• Portland Pirate Festival
• Captain Bogg & Salty (best pirate band in the world).
• International talk like a pirate day
• Captain Henry's Pirate Store (a pirate merchandise only store)



Jeff said...

Ahoy there, and other piratical phrases, arrrr!

Flug said...

I am sure you are happy now you don't have to cover your double life:)?

Anonymous said...

from "This sixth and newest Hucklescary Finn release" !!!

how come the others aren't for sale up there?
We want MORE! :-)

James Lackey said...

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