Friday, November 14, 2008

Showing off EarthBrowser Web Plugin at MAX

EarthBrowser was chosen as one of the finalists for Adobe Rich Internet Application of the year, I am very honored by the selection.

Please vote for EarthBrowser for the People's Choice Award (near the bottom):

I've been working very hard to get the EarthBrowser Javascript API ready to show off at Adobe MAX next week. The API is nearly done and it is much more powerful than I first imagined it. With it you can put EarthBrowser directly on your website and control every aspect of the user interface, globe, camera, clock from a HTML script tag. It understands KML, JSON, XML, AMF and even Shapefiles with projected coordinates (I ported the proj.4 library to Actionscript). There is also the ability to smoothly animate features based on time coordinates for which I gave a Google "tech talk" about in July.

I've put up a small with the demo that I plan on showing off at MAX.
Please take a look here

All of that demo is written in Javascript in a couple of days. I'll be releasing the API documents and a free non-commercial license keys in the next few weeks when I've put the final polish on it.

Special thanks to Lucian Plesea for the help with the OnEarth WMS layer help and a big thanks to Peter Minton for his great work on the island shapefile dataset.


Arn said...

Historically one of the best tools on the web. Not only pioneering mashup of public data into globally useful and globally available functional tool, but now I see you are a transparency warrior by going into the den of Google and sharing your ancient skill set while innovating into the newest frontiers. While even being hit by the great economy equalizer, I'm still going to opt into the $19.95 bargain again because I see some 5.0s near the Juan DeFuca plate convergence. Thanks again Mat. Nice to see the human in action on Youtube.

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Jessica Baez said...

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