Tuesday, February 10, 2009

C++ vs AS3

I've been working on an iPhone app for the past week or so and I'm pretty happy to be coding in C++ again I must say. C++ is not perfect by any means, in fact strong binding is a constant thorn in my side after the free and easy ways of Actionscript. Here are a few pros and cons that immediately stood out in moving between the two.

    Pro C++:
  • Variable declaration ("int x" is much better than "var x:int")
  • Enums
  • Templates in general and template meta-programming specifically
  • #defines and conditional compilation
  • Speed of execution

    Pro Actionscript 3:
  • Dynamic typing
  • Static constants of any type
  • Built in associative arrays
  • Built in UTF8 string support
  • Size of compiled code
  • Platform neutrality

In general I prefer C++. Perhaps because it's closer to the hardware and more things are possible, but you really have to know what you are doing to not spin your wheels too much. I *really* miss built in associative arrays and the awesome set of standard objects available in Flash however.


jtg said...

Pointless comparison really.

AS3 pros???...

> # Dynamic typing
AS3 made lots of effort to get away from this.

> # Static constants of any type
Which are simple in c/c++

> # Built in associative arrays
STL has all this and lot more

> # Built in UTF8 string support
Or _only_ UTF8 support.

> # Size of compiled code
Well much bigger if you include the runtime size too.

> # Platform neutrality

The C/C++ language itself is very platform neutral. Its the libraries you make use of that arent always and also the compiler choice.

This is all not to say that there are no AS3 benefits! Quite the opposite. More to point out the bullets you listed are really not accurate.

I would say AS3 benefits...
- way easier to learn and compile
- only have one runtime to consider
- ease to create rich GUI
- web and desktop targetting

(amonst probably others).

Also, you were not using Objective C for iphoine dev then?!

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Anonymous said...

As3 is the best and i will never think that c++ is better than as3

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Next to C++, what other app would you prefer? Thank you!

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