Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Interesting EarthBrowser Site Tracker discoveries

Last week I released the EarthBrowser Site Tracker, a free tool that gives an animated 3D global view of traffic to any website. I've been monitoring my own site traffic with it and have noticed some very interesting trends about my site, and perhaps some insight into the people who visit. It seems that I get slightly more European visitors than US visitors. Perhaps that is because EarthBrowser is in about 15 different languages and a lot of software is only in English. More people seem to visit a few hours after daybreak, perhaps when they get to their jobs, but in EuropeI've noticed that there seems to be a burst of visitors about an hour after nightfall.

The code was pretty simple and written in roughly 100 lines of Javascript which basically puts up the time slider, zoom scroller and loads the data file. I have some plans on improving the actual analysis and visualization of the data. I'd like to do trends such as visitors per country, browser language preferences, top countries and states and other fairly simple breakdowns of generic statistical data. But that will have to wait for a month or so, as will the open Javascript/Flex EarthBrowser API.

I am learning yet another new platform to program on. I got myself an iPod Touch, which is like an iPhone without the phone. I've just started porting some of my OpenGL framework from a mothballed version of EarthBrowser to OpenGL ES for a couple of new projects, one I'm doing as a contract. The new apps are really cool and a lot of people are going to love them. I'm not so impressed with most of the iPhone apps I've seen so far sadly, Google Earth is by far the best. Perhaps it is just hard to find good apps when there are tens of thousands out there, hopefully mine will be compelling enough to get some attention.


iturtle said...

hi matt,
sounds interesting. I also own and love my ipod touch! so I could do some beta testing :) I beta test for worldview, too, which is by far the best webcam app out there!
sincerely - kai.

Chirst said...

hey Matt!
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