Thursday, May 14, 2009

SQLite C++ wrapper, so you don't have to

SQLite is great. It is small, fast and easy to set up. However, if you are writing software that needs it, you're in for a bit of learning. You will need to learn what API calls to make and when to make them, usually by going over example code and using trial and error. I am introducing an open source SQLite C++ wrapper that will allow you to use the database without having to learn the SQLite API. It may save you several days of work.

The wrapper is just two C++ files, has a MIT style license and is platform independent. You will still need to link in SQLite 3.0 and learn the quirky SQLite SQL syntax.

You can download it here.

Creating a database and table
#include "sdsqlite.h"

void create_db(void)
sd::sqlite database("mydb.db");
database << "create table if not exists work (first_name text, last_name text, hours real)";

Database insertion
#include "sdsqlite.h"

struct work_data { char* first; char* last; float hours; };

work_data wdata[] = {
{"Joe", "Smith", 2.5},

void insert_rows(void)
sd::sqlite database("mydb.db"); // open the db with the table already created

sd::sql insert_query(database); // build an sql query
insert_query << "insert into work (first_name, last_name, hours) VALUES(?, ?, ?)";

database << "begin transaction";// create a transaction for speed

// insert data (sdsqlite will auto-detect data type and execure query)
for(int i=0;i<sizeof(wdata)/sizeof(work_data);++i)
insert_query << wdata[i].first << wdata[i].last << wdata[i].hours;

database << "commit transaction";// complete transaction
catch(sd::db_error& err)
// do something with error

Database extraction
#include "sdsqlite.h"

void extract_name(const std::string& name)
sd::sqlite database("mydb.db"); // open the db with the table already created

// select all names that begin with the contents of the "name" variable
sd::sql selquery(database);
selquery << "select first_name, last_name, hours from work where first_name like ?" << name+"%";

// extract the matching rows
float hours;
std::string first, last;
selquery >> first >> last >> hours;

// do something with the data
catch(sd::db_error& err)
// do something with error


kishore said...

how can i add a column in the table if the column doesn't exists using your wrapper?

Matt Giger said...

The wrapper doesn't contain any fields by itself , those statements you see are just examples. You can specify any sql statement you like, with whatever fields your table has, to extract and/or insert data into your table.

kishore said...

ya..i know that those are examples.But I'm using it my application,in which I have to add a column in existing table making sure that it doesn't exists before.Can you tell me,how can I do this?

kishore said...

can you write me that as those examples?

Matt Giger said...

You would probably want to use the standard "alter table" command for SQLite which is described here. A simple example would be "alter table mytable add column newcolumn integer".

Anonymous said...

thank , i will try it



Jay Godse said...

The SQLite API is quite straightforward to begin with. It is not much more complicated than learning fopen/fclose/fread/fwrite in Posix.

If C++ is not your thing, there are lots of bindings to other languages. Check out my site at for more details.

Wade said...

Great, it's just what I want!
but the insert data in the example doesn't work for me, I'm using gcc version 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5493) under MacOS. I checked the code but could not find when did you do the sql.step(), the only place is sql << end, but I don't know how to do it, and could not find the code in your example.

so I changed the test code to :
sd::sql insert_query(database); // build an sql query
insert_query << "insert into work (first_name, last_name, hours) VALUES(?, ?, ?)";

database << "begin transaction";// create a transaction for speed

// insert data (sdsqlite will auto-detect data type and execure query)
insert_query << "Joe" << "Smith" << 1 ;
cout << "error insert 1" << endl;

insert_query << "insert into work (first_name, last_name, hours) VALUES(?, ?, ?)" << "tom" << "pet" << 2.5 ;
cout << "error insert 2" << endl;

after that, it works, is that a problem? thanks for the great wrapper, it will save me a lot of time.

gg said...

thanks Matt, I've been kludging my own wrapper to date but this is much cleaner and more complete.

gg said...


Works great so far but I think u mixed up reset and finalize so binding of new variables for the insert example don't work.

Add a finalize function and rework reset as follows:

/// Delete a statement.
void sql::finalize()
stmt_ = 0;
ipos_ = opos_ = icol_ = ocol_ = 0;

/// Reset the statement to allow new bindings to existing statement or rewind DB.
void sql::reset(void)
if (sqlite3_reset(stmt_) != SQLITE_OK)
throw new sd::db_error("Failed to reset statement");

Again great wrapper otherwise.

Anonymous said...

thank , i will try it

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Puchino said...

last_rowid(void) doesnt work :(,

trying as SQL statement
int lastRowId;
sd::sdsql sql_select(handleDB);

sql_select << SELECT last_insert_rowid();

sql_select >> lastRowId;

But same problem. lastRowId is still 0;

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