Tuesday, October 05, 2010

EarthBrowser on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

It is hard to believe that I haven't posted to this blog for over a year. I'm not dead and neither is EarthBrowser. After a long hiatus where I've gained valuable skills (and salary) I have begun work on a new version of EarthBrowser. Working nights and weekends when possible.

Progress is coming along quite nicely since I am generating so much realtime content already however I have no release date yet. It's fun writing the shaders and being able to do coordinate projections right in the graphics hardware. I have to say that the limitations of the iOS are actually a blessing. Being able to focus on a small core set of features rather than trying to create the be-all software product is fun. It works amazingly fast on my iPhone 4 but the iPad is proving to be a bit slower than I'd like. I think it's a fill rate problem due to the large screen area.

Anyway, here's a screen shot:

If anyone still reads this old blog, please post your thoughts, wishes or any constructive ideas for what you'd like in the iPhone version of EarthBrowser. Now is the time to get your wishes out in the open.