Tuesday, October 05, 2010

EarthBrowser on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

It is hard to believe that I haven't posted to this blog for over a year. I'm not dead and neither is EarthBrowser. After a long hiatus where I've gained valuable skills (and salary) I have begun work on a new version of EarthBrowser. Working nights and weekends when possible.

Progress is coming along quite nicely since I am generating so much realtime content already however I have no release date yet. It's fun writing the shaders and being able to do coordinate projections right in the graphics hardware. I have to say that the limitations of the iOS are actually a blessing. Being able to focus on a small core set of features rather than trying to create the be-all software product is fun. It works amazingly fast on my iPhone 4 but the iPad is proving to be a bit slower than I'd like. I think it's a fill rate problem due to the large screen area.

Anyway, here's a screen shot:

If anyone still reads this old blog, please post your thoughts, wishes or any constructive ideas for what you'd like in the iPhone version of EarthBrowser. Now is the time to get your wishes out in the open.


michaelwm said...

Very cool stuff, Matt, as always!

I'm still a subscriber :).

Anonymous said...

Hello Matt. It's already next year from your post here. But I too am a longtime fan of EB. No iPhone yet, but I'm increasingly tempted.

I don't know where EB fits woth Google Earth and now the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observer/Virtual Ocean apps. but I'm sure you'll do something good.


Francisco Carrapico said...

Hello Mat,

Happy New Year for you. I am looking forward for the new EB app for iphone. I am still a fan of EB. Go ahead.

Warm regards,

(Lisbon, Portugal)

David Blangstrup said...

Looking forward to Earthbrowser on the iPhone!

Johan said...

Sorry for the late reply Matt.

I just want to wish you well about this new version of EB.
And of course glad you made a blog post finally.

Though I can't belive that I haven't payd a visit to your blog since Oct last year hmmmm.. time goes fast I guess.

Thomas said...

Hi Matt, great to see you are working on an iPhone app. Super!
On my wish list would be a feature showing the global aerosol/dust/ mercury etc pollution traveling the world with the winds from Asia to America and Europe,
Best regards

Mark said...

Good work, EB was invaluable to me when explaining and sharing about the Japan earthquakes. I would like to launch another area of my site using EB to enhance the site. Contact me if you would like to discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

Indeed a long time !
I think a version for the I phone and if possible an i Pad native one would be fantastic. EB has always been the best tool for use in presentations in my humble opinion.
Look forward to the versions



Steve said...

Wow. This is a cool app. I only have a 2G iPhone. Does this work there? It doesn't give a forecast on local earthquakes, right? We're from the pacific. We have a lot of minor shakings everyday.

cesare said...

Hi Matt. Great Idea EB for iPhone, consider to add iridium flares or satellite flares, it can be a plus for every days
Cesare (Italy)

sean__wong said...

Hi Mat,

Just a Note Of thanks !
Earth Browser has given us 7 years of faithful service and Every morning we look at the globe in wonder via your hard work!
Our 4 Year old has learnt about the Globe and loves your work despite the slightly lack luster performance on her Sunflower Mac
So Now that we're well into the second decade of a new millenium, we're upgrading our old home fleet from Power PC based Macs to Intel ones now that the multi-core stuff is well bedded in So YOUR Earth Browser V 2 is up for re-licenceing. I remember buying the perpetual licence all those years ago and thinking that. He'll go Broke ! All that bandwidth and effort for about $20 ( It was AU$42 from my Amex records ! @ 65c currency )

I don't see an " upgrade option " for our V 2 Licence?

Keep up the good work and I lookforward to the Ipad V 3 Version and the Zoltar !

Matt Giger said...

Send me an email at support@earthbrowser.com with your version 2 serial number and I'll find your discount upgrade link.

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Johan said...

Matt isn't it time to update the Blog again?

wuff said...

Earth Browser on Android Handys too?

Raymond Jorge said...

Yeah, I even heard that they are planning to bring out a new model of iphone called Iphone 5s. I'm quite fascinated of what will apple offer this time to its valued apple users this time.

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